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Archives for About His Word
Title Used on These Dates
The Word of God 10-11 to 10-20,1999
The Love of God 10-21to 10-31,1999
The Power of God 11-1 to 11-9,1999
The Majesty of God 11-10 to 11-19,1999
The Holiness of God 11-20 to 11-25,1999
The Perfection of God 11-26 to 12-3,1999
The Incarnation of God in Christ 12-4 to 12-26,1999
The Name of the Lord 12-27 to 1-13,2000
The Blood of Jesus 1-14-2000 to 1-31,2000
The Mercy of God 2-1-2000 to 2-14,2000
The Grace of God 2-15-2000 to 3-01,2000
The Faithfulness of God 3-03-2000 to 3-12,2000
The Promises of God 3-13-2000 to 4-15,2000
The Fruit of the Spirit 4-16-2000 to 4-23,2000
Love, A Fruit of the Spirit 4-24-2000 to 5-2,2000
Joy, A Fruit of the Spirit 5-03-2000 to 5-12,2000
Peace, A Fruit of the Spirit 5-13-2000 to 5-26,2000
Longsuffering, A Fruit of the Spirit 5-27-2000 to 5-31,2000
Gentleness, A Fruit of the Spirit 6-1-2000 to 6-7,2000
Goodness, A Fruit the Spirit 6-08-2000 to 6-12,2000
Faith, A Fruit of the Spirit 6-13-2000 to 6-17,2000
Meekness, A Fruit of the Spirit 6-18-2000 to 6-30,2000
Temperance, A Fruit of the Spirit 7-1-2000 to 7-11,2000
Patience, A Fruit of the Spirit 7-12-2000 to 7-21,2000
Hope, A Fruit of the Spirit 7-22-2000 to 7-31,2000
Walking in the Spirit 8-01 to 8-18,2000
The Baptism and Work of the Spirit 8-19 to 09-09-2000
The Doctrine of Salvation - Repentance 9-10 to 9-20-2000
The Doctrine of Salvation - Water Baptism 9-21 to 9-29-2000
The Doctrine of Salvation-Spirit Baptism 9-30 to 10-10-2000

The purpose of About-Him.Com is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ whom we preach as the Almighty God manifest in the flesh.It is our desire that everything presented on these pages increases your faith in our God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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