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God Is Working in Turkey
Eloise Herrin

The author of this article is associated with The Global Network of Christian Ministries. She shares here some insights concerning her recent trip to Turkey.

Hi Everyone,

I got back home Sat night, and had a marvelous trip (to Istanbul, by way of Paris)!  For you who don't know, I went (along with another lady from our church) to a Prayer Gathering held by Joy Wright, who lives in Istanbul now, and is doing a great job of networking and helping pastors to unify there in Turkey.   It was very productive, as we got to meet many wonderful believers, most of whom converted supernaturally (without a person witnessing to them) from Islam.  The pastors we met are varied--one Iranian with an Iranian church, one American couple, and another Turkish couple who lived in Amer. for 22 years before coming back to Turkey.  These are already carrying on Bible schools daily and have nice facilities in upper office-type downtown buldings.  They have many of the American authors' books in Turkish amazingly and teach them the things we are learning also.  The churches are small there, and they need our prayers desperately, but the good news is that there are many in place and when the revival starts they will be ready for them.  It is a melting pot of many nationalities, and the churches reflect that.    

Istanbul is a wonderful place to visit, great shopping, etc. and the prices are cheap, but beyond that there are 65 million people, and 60% of them are under the age of 25!  The young Turks care nothing for Islam, so you can see what a ripe harvest potential there is.  They are beautiful people and they seem to love Americans, but the dangers for them are the lure of materialism and sensualism.  

We visited the St. Sophia church (turned into a mosque and now is a museum) where Christianity began as the approved religion of the Byzantine Empire.  I commented to the American couple who live there and take groups there to pray for the building to be returned to Christianity, that it was very much like the Dome of the Rock mosque on Temple Mt. in Jerusalem.  To my surprise, they said all the big mosques you see are copied from this St. Sophia church!  That really made my trip to hear that.  The Christian art and mosaics are still there, and the crosses they have tried to paint over with Islamic art, have bled through and they can't seem to get rid of them!  Christianity is evident in this building and the mark of Jesus Christ is there strongly.   Jesus is depicted as a baby in some mosaics, but one shows him on the throne, with a crown on His head, with none of Him hanging on the cross anywhere in the building!   Pray that this land, which has had so many beginnings (Adam, Noah, and the early churches of Christ) will once again have a new beginning in these last days.   

I had a life-changing time and can't wait to go back.  Thanks for your prayers--the Lord was with us every step of the way.  It seems the rest of the world, (at least where we were has not slowed one bit since the 9/11 events.  The planes were packed, and there seemed to be no fear at all.  I think it is much more here in America.  We were received kindly by everyone we came in contact with.  Thank God for his favor!  


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Last modified: 02-02-2017
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