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A Word Concerning This Series
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An ongoing series on the life of Christ, following the Harmony of the Gospels found in the Thompson Chain Bible.  We are beginning at Jesus' baptism (paragraph 47) and will continue until His ascension. The gospel harmonies attempt to place each event of the life of Christ in order and give the relevant scripture as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

No Christian thought is unique. From the time of the apostles till now, every possible interpretation of scripture has been stated and argued. We trust that our thoughts have mostly been inspired by the Holy Spirit who brings to remembrance all things that Christ commanded. We use several sources in preparing these pages i.e. The Pulpit Commentary, The Christ of the Gospels by J.W. Shepard and a tape series that deals with Jewish traditions at the time of Christ by Arnold Fritchenbaum. Perhaps the most important, is the knowledge I've been able to obtain from listening to godly Sunday School teachers and preachers who preached with the unction and anointing of the Holy Ghost. This can never be minimized.

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