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Submissions by Guest Writers

Opinions expressed in this section may or may not express the views of About-Him.Com. However the aim of all is to glorify The Lord Jesus Christ.

A  Poem: The Burden of the Lost  Mary DeAuna Lennex

A  A Personal Savior  Ron Lennex

Peter's  Peter's Shadow  R.E. Strange

The  Miracle in the Mud  Joseph Perrello

The  The Agnostic Violinist  Joseph Perrello

A Superlative Forgiveness  A Superlative Forgiveness  Joseph Perrello

The  The Power of Impartation  Edgar Wilson

A  A Heart Without Idols  Edgar Wilson

Grandma  Grandma Learns a Lesson  Cheryl Johnston

Whom  Whom Do Ye Say That I Am?  Barbara Dever

Slain  "Slain in the Spirit": Is It Real?  Charles Read

The Message of the Cross  The Message of the Cross  Bill Lobbs

Dealing With Trouble  Dealing With Trouble  Bill Lobbs

God is Working in Turkey  God is Working in Turkey  Eloise Herrin

 Honoring El-Roi (HE sees ALL)  Honoring El-Roi (HE sees ALL)  Angela Watkins

What Is Free Will?  What Is Free Will?  Michael Lesueur

Jelly Fish Flesh  Jelly Fish Flesh  Michael Lesueur

The Modern Day Pharisee  The Modern Day Pharisee  Michael Lesueur

The Fear of the New Birth  The Fear of the New Birth  Michael Lesueur

The Lesson of the Geese  The Lesson of the Geese  Angeles Arrien

Are You 
Ready?  Are You Ready?  Bob Boyd

Petition 2943 - Urban Myth  Petition 2943 - Urban Myth!  Don Spooner

Proof This Is The Endtime  Proof This is the Endtime   Irvin Baxter Jr.

The Glory of Emmanuel!  The Glory of Emmanuel!  Charles Read

The Missing Day - Urban Myth  The Missing Day - Urban Myth!  Glen Eades

The Price of Love  The Price of Love   Bobbi Harrison

Tongues   "Tongues": For the Apostles Only?  Charles Read

Whose Birthday is it?  Whose Birthday is It, Anyway? Camille Challis

The Angels of the Lord  The Angels of the Lord - Guardians of Cities and Nations  Angela Watkins

My Personal Date With MS and Death  My Personal Date With MS and Death     Angela Watkins

The Prophesy of Suffering  The Prophesy of Suffering     Angela Watkins

Especially For Muslims

 The Straight Path  The Straight Path  Ciniraj Mohamed

Can Jesus Bear Our Burdens?  Can Jesus Bear Our Burdens?  Ciniraj Mohamed

The purpose of About-Him.Com is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ whom we preach as the Almighty God manifest in the flesh. It is our desire that everything presented on these pages increases your faith in our God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Last modified: 08-05-2007
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