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December 29, 2001 Romans 8:29 We are predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ.
December 23, 2001   Our Christmas Greeting
December 15, 2001 Luke 1;46-47 The Magnificant of Mary
December 08, 2001 I Timothy 3:16 The greatest mystery of all time is the incarnation of the Almighty God in the Lord Jesus Christ.
December 01, 2001 Luke 12:20 God called the rich man a fool, because he neglected to lay up heavenly treasures.
November 17, 2001 Colossians 3:15 When we have the peace of God in our hearts, we are thankful.
November 10, 2001 Isaiah 6:5; Psalms 51;2,7 The consuming desire of the prophets and psalmists was to have a clean heart before God.
November 03, 2001 Psalms 103:1 As we plead for God to bless America, we must not fail to bless Him and thank Him for the blessings He has already bestowed on this nation.
October 27, 2001 Matthew 5:13-16 The Christian is the salt and light of the world. People are looking at us and to us for answers.
October 20 2001 Daniel 11:32-33 The book of Daniel predicted the difficult days in which we are living. Those who know their God will do exploits and instruct many.
October 13, 2001 Phillianians 4:7; John 14:18, 14:27 In these troubling times, the Christian has a peace that is beyond understanding. It is simply the peace that Jesus left with us.
October 06, 2001 John 6;68 To whom can we turn? Jesus and Jesus alone has the words of eternal life.
September 30, 2001 Ephesians 5:16 We must be alert and redeem the time in these evil days in which we live.
September 22, 2001 Zechariah 14:9 Recent events point to the endtime. We know that the ultimate end will be when Jesus reigns as King over all thew earth.
September 15, 2001 John 14:6 Jesus emphatically stated that He and He alone was the only way to salvation.
September 08, 2001 Colossians 3:1-2 We are new creatures in Christ Jesus. Thus our citizenship is in heaven, not on this earth.
September 01, 2001 Romans 12:1-2 We are urged to present our total being as a sacrifice that is pleasing to God.
August 18, 2001 John 14:1-3 Jesus promised that after preparing a place for us, he would return to receive us, that we might dwell with Him eternally.
August 11, 2001 John 6;27,33,48,51 Jesus told us not to labor for that which will pass away. He is the Living Bread who came from heaven to give us eternal life.
August 04, 2001 Luke 4:32 When Jesus spoke, people listened because He spoke with power as He was anointed by the Spirit.
July 28, 2001 Luke 2:49; John 4:34 Jesus showed an urgency to be about His Father's business. He urges us to do likewise.
July 21, 2001 I Timothy 4:16 We must pay attention to what we teach and not stray from the simplicity of the gospel.
July 14, 2001 Revelation 22:3-5 We are often faced with the effects of the curse of sin. The day is quickly approaching where there will be no more curse.
July 07, 2001 II Chronicles 20 Judah was helpless in the face of three invading nations. They went into battle with the singers in the front of the troop. God intervened and gave the victory.
June 30, 2001 I Peter 1:3 We have an inheritance with and in Christ, that He purchased for us at the cross.
June 23, 2001 Deuteronnomy 6:4-5 We are commanded to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.
June 16, 2001 Phillipians 2:8-11 The exaltation of Jesus came after He had suffered. We can expect no less.
June 09, 2001 Phillipians 2:8-11 The exaltation of Jesus came after He had suffered. We can expect no less.
June 02, 2001 Philliapians 2:5-7 Let this mind be in you which also was in Christ Jesus.
May 26, 2001 Matthew 19:30 We may be surprised when we get to heaven.
May 19, 2001 I peter 1:17 We are only passing through this world. We are looking for the world to come.
May 13, 2001 I peter 5:6-7 We are urged to cast all of our cares upon the One who cares for us.
May 05, 2001 Luke 9:46-48 The disciples argued over who would be the greatest in the kingdom.
April 28, 2001 Luke 9:25-26 It would be a tradegy to have all that the world has to offer and not have Jesus.
April 21, 2001 Luke 9:23-24 The cost of discipleship
April 14, 2001 Act 1:3 The accounts of the ressurection are based on eyewitness reports.
April 07, 2001 Acts 4:20 Peter and John preached the ressurection, stating that they could only tell what they had seen and heard.
March 31, 2001 Isaiah 12:2 The Lord is: My strength, my song and my salvation.
March 26, 2001 Matthew 21:9 What was the motive of the crowd, who cheered Jesus on His entry to Jerusalem?
March 17, 2001 Luke 10:41-42 Mary Chooses the Good Part
March 10, 2001 Luke 10:41-42 Jesus Admonishes Busy Martha
March 03, 2001 I Chronicles 13-15 David Retrieves the Ark
February 24, 2001 I Chronicles 20:22 Judah Defeats the Enemy Through Praise
February 17, 2001 II Chronicles 7:1-12 After prolonged praise, fire from heaven consumes the sacrifice at the dedication of Solomon's temple.
February 10, 2001 John 21:17 Jesus told Peter,"If you love me, feed my sheep."
February 02, 2001 Hebrews 11:20-22 By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concernoing things to come..
January 21, 2001 Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
January 13, 2001 Hebrews 11:14-16 By faith, the Old Testament saints looked for the heavenly city.
January 06, 2001 Hebrews 11:13 The Old Testament saints were persuaded of and embraced the promises of God, confessing that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.
About Him! Devotional Archives
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