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About-Him.Com Devotional 02-18-2017

A Strong Tower

The writer of Proverbs likened the Name of the Lord to a strong tower into which the righteous flee for safety.  

Proverbs 18:10 ¶ The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.  

In bible times towers were built in open land as fortresses to guard against marauders, much as castles were used in medieval times. How do I enter this strong tower?  
Romans 6:3 speaks of being baptized INTO Christ.
Galatians 3:27 says that as many as have been baptized INTO Christ have put on Christ.
2 Corinthians. 5:17 tells us that if any man be IN Christ he is a new creature.  

When we run into this tower of the name of Jesus:  

We find the power of God, for Jesus claimed all power of heaven and earth (Mt. 28:18). We find all the authority of God, for Jesus said that whatever we ask in His name, He would do it (Jn.14:14) . We find all the attributes and character of God for Jesus is both the power and the wisdom of God (1 Co. 1:24).  

If I desire wisdom, righteousness, holiness, power, love, mercy, understanding, knowledge, or any of the many attributes of God, I must find them in Jesus. I get into Jesus by believing upon Him and calling upon His name in the waters of baptism, and by the infilling of His Spirit ( Acts 2:37-39).  

When I enter this tower, I have need of nothing else, for Colossians 2:12 tells me that in him dwells ALL THE FULLNESS OF THE GODHEAD (DEITY) BODILY, AND THAT I AM COMPLETE IN HIM!  

If I desire to be a perfect man, I can obtain perfection according to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Ep. 4:13). All that I can learn of God is in Christ Jesus, who is the express image of the invisible God (Co. 1:15), and the very brightness of His substance (He. 1:3).  

The name JESUS contains all that God has been, all that He is, and all that He will be. This name contains and denotes all the character and attributes of God. This is the name of the Lord God who will sit upon the throne of David (Ps. 132.11). This is the name in Whom all things in heaven and earth are to be gathered together in one (Ep.1:10). This is the name far above all principality and power, and every name that is named not only in this world, but also in that which is to come (Ep.1:21). This is the name of Jehovah that we are told to call on and make mention that His name is exalted  (Is. 12:4).  

This is the highly exalted name to whom we all are going to bow and confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Phil. 2:9-11), the everlasting Father, whom Isaiah said would be a Son born, and a child given, Immanuel, God with us. (Is. 7:14, 9:6, ). This is the name in whom we believe to obtain life eternal (Jn. 20:31). This is the name in whom we have repentance and remission of sin (Luke 24:47). It is this name and this name only, that was given that we might obtain salvation (Acts 4:12).  

The winds are blowing, Satan is raging. Scripture tells us that everything that can be shaken, will be shaken,God's kingdom is soon to be fully established on earth. I trust that you have entered into the safe tower that God has provided. That tower is the Name of Jesus. 

Song: Pass Me Not

Somebody Has Said
 Our lifestyle, language, attitudes, and manner of dress reflect on His name. He leads us in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Unless you are honestly convinced that the thing in question will bring glory to God, then don’t do it. - Curtis Hutson

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